Debut Novelist Jo Grafford Shares a Bit About the Lost Colonists from Roanoke Island in BREAKING TIES

Thank you for featuring me on BookTalk With Eileen!


Today Jo Grafford has stopped by BOOKTALK WITH EILEEN to share her excitement in her novel release Breaking Ties. In the next couple of days I will follow up with a review of her book.

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A happy April to all of you! I finally gave up hoping for snow this year in southern Bavaria where I am currently stationed with my soldier husband. While the polar vortex swirled its way through the States, we walked the cobblestone streets of old Deutschland in sunny 40-degree-ish weather, sipping on hot tea and gluhwein, and browsing the fantastic Franconian holiday markets.

Despite not getting snowed in, I found plenty of time to write this winter and completed book two of the Lost Colony Series. Astraea Press has offered a contract on it recently. TRAIL OF CROSSES is a continuation of the epic journey of the Lost Colonists from Roanoke Island…

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