Debut Novelist Jo Grafford Shares a Bit About the Lost Colonists from Roanoke Island in BREAKING TIES

Thank you for featuring me on BookTalk With Eileen!

Booktalk with Eileen: Journaling a Journey -- Learning the Art of Crafting a Novel

Today Jo Grafford has stopped by BOOKTALK WITH EILEEN to share her excitement in her novel release Breaking Ties. In the next couple of days I will follow up with a review of her book.

9ec658_a91712d929e2445faf5d1fdb76f6a586.jpg_srz_130_137_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 Jo Grafford

A happy April to all of you! I finally gave up hoping for snow this year in southern Bavaria where I am currently stationed with my soldier husband. While the polar vortex swirled its way through the States, we walked the cobblestone streets of old Deutschland in sunny 40-degree-ish weather, sipping on hot tea and gluhwein, and browsing the fantastic Franconian holiday markets.

Despite not getting snowed in, I found plenty of time to write this winter and completed book two of the Lost Colony Series. Astraea Press has offered a contract on it recently. TRAIL OF CROSSES is a continuation of the epic journey of the Lost Colonists from Roanoke Island…

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