Trail of Crosses by Jo Grafford (review)

5 STARS for Trail of Crosses, second book in the Lost Colony Series!

Author Wendi Sotis - Sweet Romance

An exquisite experience!

I absolutely loved Breaking Ties, and was anticipating the next in the Lost Colony Series so much that I was almost afraid to read Trail of Crosses. But of course, I couldn’t pass it up, and I’m glad I didn’t. Jo Grafford has out done herself!

Beginning with the first word, Ms. Grafford’s deep, rich descriptions pulled me into the story, this time following Jane Mannering’s experiences in the New World. I was right there with Jane every step of the way, leaving me “inside” the story long after I’d put it down.

You don’t need to read Breaking Ties to understand Trail of Crosses, but I highly recommend that you do read both, for your own enjoyment. (My review of Breaking Ties is here.)

I certainly hope we won’t be waiting long for the third book of the series!

Book description:

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