8 Elements to NAILING Your Plot & Owning NaNo

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Attack of the Killer Plot Bunny. That rabbit is DYNAMITE! Attack of the Killer Plot Bunny. That rabbit is DYNAMITE!

I promised not to leave you guys hanging with my last post. Now that I have a lot of you beating your shields ready for NaNo, I’m going to give you battle tactics to come out victorious (or maybe at least alive).

Sure, NaNo is great to just learn to turn off the Inner Editor and get those 50,000 words DOWN. But, if in the end, all we have is a gelatinous ooze that eats people and attacks the city? They call in the National Guard to take out our WIP, because no revision can tame it.

What to do? This post is incredibly redacted, but it’s a blog. So roll with it 😉 .

These tips will work for any novel, but they are SUPER important in NaNo, lest we write ourselves into the Corner of NO Escape by…

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Planning Travel? Five TSA-Approved Weapons of the Zombie Apocalypse

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Next week, I hop on a flight to teach The Master’s Series in Seattle at the Emerald City Conference. I’m always so blessed to serve and I LOVE that area of the country. SCORE! But, flying has become particularly…terrifying. This only adds to my already irrational fears because—face it—I’m a writer and we have pathologically overactive imaginations. Writers INVENTED The Dark Side…literally .

And yes, we’re in scary times. My go-to coping mechanisms for fear? Crocheting, violent video games, Jui-Jitsu, gallows humor, and tasteless jokes.

You know you’re a writer when the rest of the world sees the neighbors “got new carpet” and you wonder inside if the wife is present and accounted for O_o.

*checks roll of discarded carpet for smells of decomp*

Whenever I travel, I have a number of fears.

1) The ONE time I don’t leave my home clean enough to perform open heart…

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Here is my interview with Jo Grafford



Name: Jo Grafford

Age: 40

Where are you from: Midwestern U.S.A., currently living in Bavaria

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc: Complete nerd. Started off with the whole glasses and braces thing. Graduated high school first in my class and headed off to college. Didn’t know what I wanted to do so I studied business and completed an M.B.A. and went on to enjoy ten wonderful years in the financial services industry. I love the long, winding journey I took before pursuing a full-time writing career. It’s life that gives you something to write about.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

My new Viking short story called VIKING FOR HIRE is releasing October 25 in a romance anthology with 10 authors called Autumn’s Kiss. Available for preorder now at a discount on Amazon at http://amzn.com/B00O5D6LEM

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

As soon…

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