Cajun Men Cook by Pepper Phillips

Authors of Main Street

In Lousiana, the men like to cook. They enjoy it. They call their male friends and they get together for a ‘supper’.  Wives and girlfriends are not invited.

I for one, enjoy it. Because I can eat a breakfast for dinner, or whatever else I want. Normally, the husband doesn’t consider breakfast a proper dinner menu so I never fix it. I tried it when we were first married, but not when he let me know that it wasn’t ‘proper’ in his mind. It’s a small thing and not worth arguing about.

So, he’s invited to a ‘supper’ several times a month with different friends of his. It’s their chance to socialize, drink beer and generally harass each other.

What do they eat? Usually it’s game of some sort. A duck gumbo, an eutouffe, fried frog legs, well, most anything fried could be on the menu.  My hubby likes to…

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10 Rainy Day Pleasures by Joan Reeves

Awesome Ways to Spend a Rainy Day — a la Joan Reeves style!

Authors of Main Street

Romeo and Judy Anne by Joan Reeves, color cover Judy Anne’s love affair may be the biggest scandal her little Texas town has ever seen.

August has been hotter than usual here on the Texas Gulf Coast with many triple-digit temperature days. Many counties in Texas are now in drought conditions again and burn bans abound.

So it was with surprise and anticipation when we awoke to rain. The temperature has dropped to 78 degrees Fahrenheit–a welcome change from the 101 it was yesterday when we took a day-trip to San Antonio.

I was sitting on the couch, watching Showrunners, a documentary on Netflix, and staring out the window at the rain showering my roses when I thought how pleasant a rainy day can be. In fact, I thought of several things that are great for rainy days but not so good on other days.

10 Rainy Day Pleasures

1. Make soup. Hot weather isn’t conducive to…

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e-Publishing Summary

Linda Andrews

Good morning everyone!

I just wanted to shared some of the information I learned this past weekend at a self-publishing seminar given by the super-awesome Smashwords CEO Mark Coker.

First, I’ve been self-pubbed since 2011 and have belonged to many indie loops for just as long. For those who don’t know what Smashwords is, it’s an ebook distributor. Instead of having accounts in multiple online retailers, you upload a word file or professionally designed .epub file to Smashwords and they distribute it to various retail channels such as Kobo, Barnes and Noble and iBooks and to libraries via OverDrive (serves 20,000+ libraries) and Baker & Taylor Axis 360.  Here’s a full list of channels they reach – .

One of the concerns some Indies have about Smashwords is their automatically opted in to new lines of distribution when they opened and the quarterly payments instead of monthly. To answer these concerns, authors…

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Getting In The Mood – Jill James

Getting the love back… How do you fall back in love after you’ve fallen out of love? Enjoy the post and fabulous reader comments! –Jo

Authors of Main Street

christmas bellsHow do you get in the mood to write a Christmas novella in the middle of August? In my case it takes apple cinnamon air freshener, Celtic Christmas on the Pandora radio, and lots of imagining snowy winter days in the middle of sweltering summer days. Thinking of comfy sweaters and cuddling on the couch while my sweaty legs are sticking to my leather office chair. Picturing dreamy Christmas trees and pine decorations with the scent of a barbecue grill wafting through the open window.

The Authors of Main Street are doing another boxed set and I’m writing an original, never published before novella for the set. Mine is titled Waking Up For Christmas. It will be sweeter than my usual stories. It reminds me of when I first started writing romance and it was very much on the tamer side. I wanted a story that dug into ‘how’ and…

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Vacation, Beach, and Children

Authors of Main Street

It’s almost hard for me to comprehend not being at the beach, but I’m sure there are tons of children and adults who will be visiting the shore for the first time ever! For one of our authors here on Main Street, this coming week will be a family vacation to the Atlantic coastline. As we all wished her a wonderful holiday, I began to assemble what I thought everyone should know about traveling with children and the beach. I grew up going to the beach in the summer. And as I’ve probably mentioned, I was a surfer. Then as a teen, I moved to an island off the coast of New Jersey. I was in heaven! After I married, we moved to the SE corner of Virginia, where Virginia Beach provides some wonderful beaches tucked to the Atlantic by the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. So taking my kids…

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