Getting In The Mood – Jill James

Getting the love back… How do you fall back in love after you’ve fallen out of love? Enjoy the post and fabulous reader comments! –Jo

Authors of Main Street

christmas bellsHow do you get in the mood to write a Christmas novella in the middle of August? In my case it takes apple cinnamon air freshener, Celtic Christmas on the Pandora radio, and lots of imagining snowy winter days in the middle of sweltering summer days. Thinking of comfy sweaters and cuddling on the couch while my sweaty legs are sticking to my leather office chair. Picturing dreamy Christmas trees and pine decorations with the scent of a barbecue grill wafting through the open window.

The Authors of Main Street are doing another boxed set and I’m writing an original, never published before novella for the set. Mine is titled Waking Up For Christmas. It will be sweeter than my usual stories. It reminds me of when I first started writing romance and it was very much on the tamer side. I wanted a story that dug into ‘how’ and…

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