Lost Colony III coming Summer 2017!

ITM Take OldAfter a year of attending college full-time and teaching high school full-time, I am excited to be on Summer Break and back at my writing desk. The manuscript for Lost Colony III — Into the Mainland — is flowing onto the screen. It’s currently at more than 80,000 words and scheduled to be complete this summer.

Agnes’s story has been a long time in the making. If you caught the little clues I left for you in Books One and Two, she has a rich and mysterious backstory that I am finally able to unfold in Book Three. Her story — like Rose and Jane’s — is a powerful clash of the Old World and the New. Of the three best friends, Agnes was the only one immersed in the whirl of London’s high society. Get ready for the gripping series of events that led this lovely young debutante to give up a future of rank and wealth to create a whole new existence for herself on the other side of the world.

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